Dear friends,

As you may have read from some of my TFF-related emails in the past few months, many positive events that have taken place lately. The external structure of the Foundation center has been completed and now hosts seminars and other events (Dan and Mason had been on my case on this), the Foundation radio station has been up and running non stop now for about 18 months (Kristin & Nate would say ‘finally’!), and we continue our outreach and support to traditonal leaders, cultural associations, underprivileged groups and other civil society organizations in Cameroon. We have now launched an HIV / AIDS citizens awareness initiative which in its first workshop last April 15 was very highly attended and appreciated. TFF staff (oh yes, Nikki & Morgan) continue to participate in staff development opportunities in and outside of Cameroon. And I should add they are receiving salaries and the budget tracking system (put in place by Lisette and Angela) is being followed scrupulously. Hopefully, by this summer, we would open the Foundation’s public Library which in its first installment will house over 25,000 volumes in all subjects areas and for all age groups. TFF’s relationship with John Hopkins University, SAIS (IDEV) continues to grow, and the 2009 summer interns — Elizabeth and Henrik — will be arriving Cameroon by the first week of June.

If you that have visited the website lately, you would have noticed that it is being updated (Audrey & Nick may have seen a posting of their listener survey). Oh yes, the final version of new look will be released sometime next week, and we have promised the webmasters and ourselves that we will make sure it is updated on a very regular basis. Along those lines, I believe it will be a wonderful idea to create a page for you all alumnae, as your foot prints can be seen on various aspects of progress made thus far. The idea is to create a link under “TFF Project Connect” where we have a paragraph or two (with two or three photos to match) on each one of our alums stating what they did during their summer internship, the things they liked most about that experience or Bamenda or Cameroon as a whole, how that experience has contributed to their professional growth and where they are today. I trust you would insert some quotes and / or insightful anecdotes to make it lifely.

Last Thursday, I discussed the idea with Angela Stephens who was thrilled by it and felt, like I did, that you all would embrace the concept. Additionally, Angela accepted to coordinate this effort for us. The idea is that each of you will email your write up and two or three photos to Angela who will harmonize everything into a single document that will then be sent to the TFF webmasters. Angela’s email is

As usual, I would appreciate any comments or feedback that you may have.

Best regards.

Chris…alias Doc (for Cameroon purposes)

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