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Cameroon, just like most of Africa faces a plethora of adversaries. On December 5th 2009, Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh will speak at the University of Denver, Colorado in an interactive forum on the ways that Africa could leverage its competitive advantages and significantly improve its contribution towards global peace, security, democracy and dev[…]

Quick TFF update May 09

Dear brothers and sisters,
Dear friends:
As you may have read from various media in the past few months, the Fomunyoh Foundation (TFF) continues to undertake positive activities in Cameroon The Foundation center in Bamenda is close to completion and and now hosts seminars and various social events; the Foundation radio station has been up and […]

Dear friends,
As you may have read from some of my TFF-related emails in the past few months, many positive events that have taken place lately. The external structure of the Foundation center has been completed and now hosts seminars and other events (Dan and Mason had been on my case on this), the Foundation radio station has been up and run[…]

On Wednesday 15 April 2009, the Fomunyoh Foundation (TFF) launched its HIV / AIDS citizens’ awareness program under the appellation of Improving HIV/AIDS Knowledge and Access to Healthcare (IYHAKAH) Initiative. The program, designed to provide a neutral avenue for citizens to learn about the pandemic and obtain information fr[…]

The Fomunyoh Foundation has decided to begin an HIV / AIDs awareness raising activity at the Foundation beginning April 15, 2009. Under the appelation of “Improving HIV/AIDS Knowledge and Access to Healthcare” (IHAKAH), this component of the Foundation’s work will consist of monthly allday sessions at the Foundation Head Office at Mile 6, Bamen[…]

For more than a decade today, we have followed, closely, efforts to move African countries towards more democratic governance and real economic prosperity. Most of you have been involved, directly or indirectly, in positive initiatives in these two key areas. Recent positive developments in countries such as Kenya and Benin on the one hand, and[…]